Technical Manual Page


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Connection of VFace above described.


How to Use

VFace is a plug and play device, you need to make all necessary connections as descried previous page and power up the device.

  • Connect VRF Bus (No Polarity - All Brands)
  • Connect Modbus or KNX line (if exist)
  • Connect Ethernet Cable (be sure about network)
  • Connect HDMI (optional)
  • Power Up Device
  • Booting will Take 2 Minutes
  • Make Settings via Touch Screen (Network/BMS/etc.)
  • Select VRF Brand
  • VFace will Automaticly Detect Indoor and Outdoor Units
  • You are ready to go!

  • Check our manuals for step by step first configuration.

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Please check Supported Brands document for main communication line names, max. indoor and outdoor support, cableing needs, terminal names, and etc. regarding each VRF brand.



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In this section you can find modbus address table and variable types. Please refer how to use manual for configuration of Modbus.

Please download Modbus Tool and write desired indoor unit id to "UID" cell to calculate its modbus variables. Please be careful that UID is based on Hexadecimal system. UID 0 is reserved for boardcast to command all indoor units.



KNX is an optional feature, you need to order KNX module (hardware) and upgrade software license to use VFace in a KNX system. VFace connects KNX directly from bus no need for IP rotuter. KNX and Modbus RTU are using same ports so you must plug out Modbus RTU module (default installed) and plug KNX module to place shown below. You can connect up to 64 indoor units to KNX systems.



Question - What are standart features?

Answer - VFace has 7" touch panel, web interface, modbus rtu/tcp, 64 indoor support as default. Optional modules are RS232, KNX (TP), Outdoor Unit Information and VCloud.

Question - What is maximum indoor and outdoor units support of VFace?
Where do i connect VRF Bus terminal?

Answer - Please check our connection list here: Download Connection List

Question - How can i monitor and control more than one VFaces at a single screen?

Answer - We have an HTML based software that combines up to 16 VFaces to single screen but to monitor indoor units first you'll need to select VFace.